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"Neologiq is a true innovator in healthcare endoscopy solutions".

Imageworx Exambench is an Endoscopy Imaging workstation which digitizes, displays and records patient data, stills and videos. It is a visit-centric solution which optimises clinicians time and allows simple recording and comparison of images and video to increase patient care and treatment monitoring. For more information see our Products page or request an on-site demonstration.

Imageworx Exambench Benefits
Works with your Endoscope

Endoscope Types

Exambench will take images from your current endoscope system, it works with almost all systems (outputs include composite video, S-Video, USB & BNC).

Side by Side comparison

Endoscopy side by side comparison

Stills and video can be compared side by side with previous visits to track treatment or disease progression.

Consolidated data recording

Digitise Endoscopy

Digitally combining patient data, stills, video and notes with a visit-centric user interface enables simple tracking of visits and digitally linking images to patients.

Low-cost complete workstation

Exambench Endoscopy Proceedure

Adding Exambench to an existing simple light source, videoscope and endoscope provides a complete endoscopy imaging workstation at very low cost.

Reporting and Export

Endoscopy report and export

Reports are easily generated, can include images and be printed. Images can be exported for further annotation or presentations. It can also be used as for Endoscopy training.

Central Archiving

Endoscopy Archiving

Several Exambench workstations can be networked together with a centralised archive. Alternatively the DICOM option allows images to be stored in a central PACS system.

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